Keith Marshall Dot CA

Keith Marshall is a local realtor, blogger and all around great guy! He asked me to build him a site, and after meeting with him and getting to know more about him, I immediately had a great design in mind for him! He loves to blog, and is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful on issues in our community and in real estate in general.

The design is more minimalist, and it really does the job of marrying Keith’s personality with the Prudential rules and regs for a realtor website. Keith has worked hard on this site and has quickly grown his fan base and readers. Keith says he finds the site easy to use, and loves the look of it! He is especially fond of the fact that it doesn’t follow the traditional format of a realtor website.

If you’re looking for a house or to sell a house, then call Kitchener-Waterloo’s friendliest Realtor, Keith Marshall at 519-729-4116 or check his website out!

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